Wit or Sarcasm?

I like to think I’m a Witty person.  It seems that Wit is the soul food of laughter and who doesn’t want to laugh?  Besides this one lady I know who seems to be endlessly miserable.  And boy does Misery love company!  But instead of the old “Kill Her With Kindness” bit, I kill her with Wit!

Back on track now:  Wit is often misconstrued as Sarcasm.  Therefore, if you have subscribed to my blog and are in any way a Scrooge, consider yourself warned.  You may very well read these posts and find yourself somewhat irritated by the end of it all.  And quite frankly, my Dear, I don’t give a damn!  It just proves that you have successfully been hit by the Wit!  And you may just need an attitude adjustment.

So consider this my Intro.  Welcome to the Wit Factory.


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