My Precious Babies

Sometimes, when reading the journals of others, I am served a reality check.  Today was one of those sometimes.

When I go home tonight, I will hold my precious babies as if there will be no tomorrow.  I will thank God for the blessings that are my children, as I have done dozens of times before.  I will be thankful for their health, their intelligence, their beauty, their lives.  I will appreciate the enrichment they bring to me and Chris and I will be grateful for their very existence.  I will study each line of their faces, gaze at them infinitely and run my fingers through their strawberry blonde hair.  I will tell them how lucky I am to be their mommy.

MereBear and AdieBug

Madelynn & Meredith

Meredith - My first Mother's Day 2007

Meredith & Mommy’s First Mother’s Day



Madelynn - Our first Mother's Day 2009

Madelynn & Mommy’s First Mother’s Day



Mama's Girls

Mama’s Girls

April 2009

Courtesy of Alison Fill Photography


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