“You have to have a theme that makes you…….well, you.”

I was talking to the bestie the other day about blogging.  I had emailed her and displayed my naivety by asking, “What is BlogHer?”, to which she called me because the explanation would require an email to the equivalent of a small novel.  I found out what BlogHer is and what makes a great blogger.  (Bear with me here, you bloggers-who-are-categorized-by-how-many-decades-you-have-been-blogging.  I’m new.  Just like you were eons ago.)

She told me I need a theme in order to set my blog apart from the thousands of others and attract a wide audience.  All blogs have a point, a genre, a niche.  Except mine.  I’m not a typical mommy-blogger, though I vastly enjoy writing about my children.  I’m not a product sampler, a conservative political advocate, a liberal political advocate, or any political advocate.  In fact, I loathe politics.  I don’t like to argue (my husband will testify against that), and politics are the quintessential way to begin any deliberate argument.  I’m not infertile, I don’t have multiples, I’ve never traveled outside the continental U.S. – I’m a mundane, boring ol’ Liz.  Crap.

So it’s been heavy on my mind to come up with a theme.

And so I have.

My theme is to not have a theme.  My theme is to be as realistic about my mundane life as possible, while still making it enjoyable for others.  To make them want more.  More, MORE, MORE!!!!!  Must…..have…….Liz!!!!!!!  Then you, the reader, will tell somebody else about my fantastic blog about nothing and they will tell somebody who will tell somebody, etc., etc., etc…….

And then I will rule the world!  BRU-HA-HA!!!!


And so I will be themeless.  But witty.  Themeless and witty.  Themeless, yet witty, but boring ol’ Liz.  You must like me, though.  You keep coming back.


One response to ““You have to have a theme that makes you…….well, you.”

  1. I love you!!!!

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