Icons, Islands and Imeem

I’m madly overworked at work (what with helping the hand-raisers and all).  I have, however, found the time to catch up on my celebrity gossip (I must have my daily dose.  Get over it.  At least they make MY life seem normal) and my streaming media, all the while wishing I were where my friends are.  At least, the friends who are not at work……..ya know…….. working.

I am now expertly informed about Adam Lambert’s (i heart him) preferrential eyeliner, Kendra Wilkinson’s not-so-playmate-more-like-gestating-a-playmate wedding at the Playboy Mansion, Michael Jackson’s Michael Jackson-ish ways of doing Michael Jackson things before the King of Pop’s alleged untimely death, Cheryl Burke’s new boytoy who looks like he should be is an Abercrombie and Fitch model, said my goodbyes to the woman who made feathered hair a staple of the 70’s, and mourned the death of an Oxy-Clean icon who could’ve sold ice to an Eskimo.

I also updated my Imeem playlist.  I’ve been listening to Rihanna today because I’m feeling a little Ragae-y due to the smoldering heat that hits you like a MAC truck as soon as you step out of the small 64-degree space that is my office.  Isn’t that how you get pneumonia?  Going from cold to Hell-hath-one-hell-of-a-fury heat?  And then back?  I’m pretty sure it is.  I may be blogging from my room in ICU next week.  Or the burn unit if it gets any friggin’ hotter.


SB is on Fripp Island this week.  Didn’t know what or where Fripp Island was, but googled it today to find out.  Nice place.  Hussy.


OH!  Almost forgot!  Gotta tell you about Liz’s watertastic weekend!  If I didn’t loathe the way I look in a two-sizes-too-small bathing suit, I’d post one of the pictures that my sneaky husband took while I was in action. 

I bought Meredith a Slip-N-Slide a few weeks ago and finally decided it would be a good time to roll it on out.  Being that she’s two, she needed visual instructions on how to use it.  So I fill up the wading pool with water (yes, they have wading pools at the end now.  I know, I know.  We were robbed as children.  All we had to land in at the end was some grass, maybe a pile of dog poop and the occassional tree.)  I wet it down and provide step-by-step instructions on how to sling yourself down the 18 feet of slippery, shiny plastic.  The first attempt at instilling this oh-so-vital knowledge into the tightly-packed-with-valuable-information brain of my toddler was a painful one.  I flopped onto the synthetic tarmack like a bass being put out for market.  I stopped short – real short – of that lovely wading pool.  It was a bit like that scene from Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  This sent Chris into a fit of giggles.

“You have to run from waaaaaay back”, says the audient husband.

“OK!”, says the wife in denial of her not-so-fitness.

So I ran.

From waaaaaaaaay back.

That wading pool didn’t have a chance.

Or the pile of dog poop.

The tree, however, serves as quite the reverent stop.

Bet you wish I’d post that picture, huh?!


My dear friend, Michele, will embark into the unknown on Wednesday.  She will be birthing twins.  One little boy and one little girl.  I can’t wait!  Auntie Liz will be handing out kisses ’til her lips hurt!  Michele, I hope you read this before you check in!  Good Luck and Good Pain Meds ’cause this is what Good Lovin’ gets ya!  Whoop!  Hooray for babies!


One response to “Icons, Islands and Imeem

  1. Haha – I LOVE your stories!!!!!!!! Wish we could’ve been there….I can just see it too! Hope she got it and didn’t go flying into the tree or dog poop for that matter!!!

    love and miss you guys!

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