Ever been driving down one of the worst roads in town by yourself with your baby in the backseat when your car decides to just stop?  Like, shut off?  Like, go no more?  Then you call your husband in a panic and tell him you’re SITTING IN TRAFFIC IN THE BAD PART OF TOWN WITH THE BABY IN THE BACKSEAT AND, OMG!, WHAT DO I DO?  And your husband, obviously, can do nothing from the living room and so you force the car into neutral (which, by the way, can only be done when the ignition is turned) and look both ways and summon the mama-bear in you because you can’t be stuck in the bad part of town in the middle of the road with your BABY IN THE BACKSEAT and you push your mommymobile across three lanes of traffic, up over a curb and into the parking lot of the local gangsta rim retailer BY YOURSELF!  Oh, you haven’t?  Well………..



One response to “BEASTY!

  1. GO LIZ! Glad everyone is safe….

    What happened to your car?

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