Early Life Crisis

Aside from today’s crisis where I typed one hell of a post then lost it without saving when the server went caput, I am currently in the midst of an early life crisis that swells my brain with ideas/worry/excitement each and every day.

We all know the economy sucks right now.  Not just sucks, but, like, sucks.   And if you don’t know, then please remove yourself from under that rock.  There might be spiders under there.  Ughlhghghlgh!  (Self-diagnosed arachniphobe here.  The real reason I married my husband.  To be the arachnid squisher.)

So we’ve remained hopeful at work that our facility would pull through and be beasty and make it to the other side of the proverbial shitstorm.  So far, so good.  For how long, though, we don’t know.  This has fueled my desire to finally decide what I want to be when I grow up.  I want need to do something with my life that I’m passionate about.  And oddly enough there isn’t a large demand for cheese taste-testers, pediatric veterinarians (puppies!), or Tuscan Villa-sitters.

SO, after chasing a few dreams, considering my talents and making a valiant effort to be self-employed if I have to, I’ve finally concentrated my efforts.

On cake.

Yes, cake.


Fourth of July 2009 Cake

It’s FABULOUS, I know!

(Shameless plug in 4……3…….2……1..)

If you’re in the market for a custom cake to make your occasion one to remember then contact The Cakery!


Website under construction.  Check back often.

Seriously, people, I need job security!  In a society where obesity reigns, what better business venture is there?!  Whoop for cake!


One response to “Early Life Crisis

  1. Wow, Liz! What a superb cake! I can’t believe how amazingly talented you are! You must have a backlog for days! Aren’t the clientele just knocking your door down?!

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