Excuse me, Little Girl, where’d you come from?

What happened to this?

MEREDITH'S B-DAY  3-22-07 076

And this?

Hill Ridge Farms  10-13-07 031

I swear it was just here a minute ago.  I could’ve sworn I just set it down right over there and then………….

June 2009 093


She’s two.  Two!  She’s not supposed to speak in sentences and run faster than me and grow.  She’s supposed to be a tiny little ball of slobber and applesauce bits that can’t maneuver a fork and desperately depends on Mommy for, well, everything.  What……….happened?

Time happened.

That relentless allotment of instance that is gone as fast as it came.  In the moment, it seems to linger infinitely.  In hindsight, it was barely ever there.


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