A Case Of The Tuesdays

Usually it’s a case of the Mondays, but Labor Day spared me that saga this week and, instead, liberally bumped the crappiness up a day.

School has started back up and, duh, thrown the school buses back into the morning mix, adding – how do you say? – fuel to the fire.

I’ve modified my morning schedule to allow that 5 extra minutes in order to miss the Harnett County parade-behind-Bus-number-327.

Although, it may be interesting this year…..

kids on the bus

Billy, Bobby & Timmy don’t like Mondays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Tuesdays either and Johnny…..

catch the bus

……can’t seem to catch the bus.  Don’t worry, Johnny.  Keep running.  You can catch it.  I promise.

Watch out for that pedophile van, though.  Blech!  (Seriously, who drives those things anymore?!)


*Flash of clairvoyance!*

This is what Chris will be rockin’ if he has to take the girls to school someday….

cadillac bus

‘Cuz that’s just how he rolls.



I managed to dodge the bus, but not the headache.  Harold Beentheredonethat was sight-seeing this morning at 45 mph so I, along with the 12 motorists behind me, got to sight-see too.

Y’all think I’m kidding.  I promise, it happens this often.  Like, Monday thru Friday often.

I have a solution, though.  This!



Really, though, I suppose it could be worse……

 foreign school bus



I obviously made it to work.  I screeched into my parking spot (not really.  I was still 20 minutes early ‘cuz I’m just good like that) and tried to exit my car when I noticed my hair had retracted into the hole with the seatbelt.  All, like, 20 inches of it.  Now, there are pros and cons to having long hair.  Pros being seductivity, style, versatility of hair product to hair accessory ratio, aid to dramatic effect of flippant remarks, etc.   This!  This hair-in-seatbelt-retractor is, apparently, one of the cons.  BIG con.  BIG CON.

Let’s just say that some hair was sacrificed.

And, of course, I must include the icing on top of the Tuesday cake.  My eye is swollen shut. 

Liz's Eye


Here I opened it as wide as possible for you.  It’s not pink eye.  Excuse me: It’s not conjunctivitis.  I don’t know what it is.  Wait, yes I do.  It’s annoying.

As far as my coworkers know, it was a drunken barfight.  You should see the other bitch.



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