The Birth Of Redonomics

Oh, Y’all!  I’ve done it!  I’ve birthed a new blogger!  That makes me,  in some sort of sense, a “Mommy Blogger”!  As in, my gloriously crafty imagination and subsequent writing talent have inspired another to lay her life out on the table for the world to read about.

*Doing the whoopty dance!*

‘Tis my sister sista doing the life laying-out and I must assume my position as Shameless Plugger and direct you to her blog because she is sick and pitiful and allergic to the world and just go, okay?

And while you’re there, comment.  COMMENT!

Because I’ve noticed, my Nekkid Friends, that you read, but you don’t comment.  I know you read.  I know.  I can see you.

*Insert Twilight Zone theme song*

No, really.  My blog stats tell me how many of you come here.  And there are a lot of you.  But you’re all stealth and whatnot.  You creep and haunt and silently laugh ’til your big toes hurt but you DON’T COMMENT!

Funny needs feedback!  Feed into the Funny!

SO.  Read blog.  Comment.  Feed the Funny.  It likes it.


One response to “The Birth Of Redonomics

  1. I don’t have a blog thingy so … I tend to lurk. Yeah. I know that’s a crappy excuse!

    Ask my friends on LiveJournal…they’ll tell you. I post MAYBE once a month…but I lurk there every day. Some times multiple times a day.

    And I follow you on Twitter.
    Do you feel like you’re being stalked yet? LOL

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