I Totally Jumped On That Wagon

Hello.  My name is Liz.  And I love Twilight.

*Hi, Liz*

I have a fierce obsession with Edward and secretly haunt internet pictures of Robert Pattinson.  Because he’s hot.  Like, chili-pepper-doused-in-jalapeno-sauce-tossed-in-a-blazing-inferno hot.


So, yeah.  There’s that.

I’m addicted.  Counting the days ’til New Moon releases, contemplating Round #2 of reading the entire series, wishing my husband were pale and cold and stone-like, addicted.

And I might want to be a vampire.

For one, they don’t have to shower or sleep or pee.  They just…….well, fight masses of evil, romp around with hot Indian werewolves and have lots of mind-blowing Whoopee.  Apparently.  Because, ya know, Stephanie Meyer didn’t exactly pound out the details of each scene of passion.  Dammit.

So, yeah, this Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn thing kinda goes hand in hand with New Kids On The Block in my book of Things I Don’t Tell Everybody Wait Yeah I Do I Put It On The WORLD WIDE WEB Because I Heart Them.  My perfect threesome:  Jonathan Knight and Edward Cullen and Me.  And I don’t think Jon would mind.  *slap*  Oh, you NKOTB fans know exactly what I’m talking about.  (Jen, Amy and Michele, I know you’re on this here wavelength, yep.)

And for my lovely Nekkids who don’t know who or what I’m talking about, I have compiled a small visual for you:





awesomest bed ever

(I know, that’s, like, the coolest bed EVER!)


Well, I think you get it.

SO!  The girls and I are having Girls’ Night In tonight and I’m sure this post will be hot topic of discussion for at least 30 minutes.  I’ll take pictures to chronicle the intensity of it all and we shall recommence on Monday to further divulge important, personal information confessions.

 Oh, and HELLO, AUTUMN!  Thanks for coming!  Since I recently found out that yes!  I do sweat under my arms, I am pleasantly aware that Summer is making an exit.  And so are bathing suits.  Thank you, Jesus.


4 responses to “I Totally Jumped On That Wagon

  1. Loved it!! You are too funny!!! Remember, my sister Jen and I are going to go see New Moon on Thanksgiving weekend!! Can’t wait!!

  2. Ohgoodness it’s a real live lovenest. That’s crazy intense. I’m super jealous that I missed this girl gathering, please fill us in pronto, kthanks.

  3. I think I have to take two 10 year old’s when I go. Maybe more…we’re not sure yet.

    And if you’ve got a free minute whilest surfing the net…and don’t mind some funny Twilight recap-ish-ness…send me email. Lovely lady named Cleolinda has written some awesome funny about the Twilight verse. 🙂

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