Girls’ Night In, Assplosions & HotLights

Girls’ Night In was a success.  We have all officially seen Pearl Harbor in its entirety.  We have all officially cried because of it.  Some of us *coughMichelecough* wept like babies.

And speaking of babies!  I did promise pictures!

Misc 021

Behold the product of a return from a New Kids On The Block concert.

Madelynn, Ava, Madison and Lucas

Well, actually, we just like to say that.  I was 5 months along with Madelynn when we went (Hello, Men-I-Have-Loved-Since-Elementary-School!  No, I’m not fat!  Just pregnant!  Heh…he….ugh.)  Maddie and Lucas were conceived, literally, the night before we left for the concert, and Ava was made a month later.  Because Jen was smart and planned her pregnancy around the concert so that she could be all skinny and seksi and take-me-now when she met them NKOTB Heaven.

Anywho ~ Aunt Amy got to love on all her babies and they got to love on her.  They love Aunt Amy.  She smells good.  And her necklace jingles.  Hot commodity, she is.


Misc 032

Madelynn and Aunt Amy

Misc 024

Lucas and Aunt Amy

We made sure to rub lots of babydom on her so that she can quick have one of her own too!  So we can be outnumbered!  Oh, wait.  We already are.  Let’s see…..I have two, Jen has three, Michele has – whoa – four.  That means….wow.  I didn’t realize we were that outnumbered.  Ah, well.  The more the merrier!

Also in attendance in all her cutedom:

Misc 027

Little Maddie with her gorgeous mama!


Misc 025

Ava Lou with her gorgeous mama!

That ceiling was fascinating!

And finally……

Misc 030

My little AdieBug!  Who wouldn’t go to sleep!  Until midnight!  With her gorgeous flushed-looking mama!

We didn’t get to talk about all the stuff we usually talk about because we were engrossed in the movie, the history behind the actual Pearl Harbor attack, pizza, subs and pasta and the debate over whether sugar free caramel sauce is as good as sugar packed caramel sauce on an ice cream sundae.  Important business we conquered, hear?

Also, ice cream is slippery.  Especially when Michele is scooping.

Oh, and when McDonald’s tells you that their “drive-thru is open ’til midnight”, what they really mean is “we will throw at you the leftover burgers and fries that have been sitting under the warming lights since dinner rush was over 6 hours ago.”

Just so you know.  Hungry Husband should have gotten food at a better hour.

So that was Friday night.

Saturday was all about Meredith.  Who has grown.  Considerably.  And needs new pants.  Unless she’s expecting a flood or a chance to go clamming or wants to be Urkel for Halloween.

Off to the mall we went.  As we’re getting the kids out of their carseats, Chris says, “I think Adie needs her diaper changed” at which point he lays her down in the back of the truck (it’s an SUV, not a real truck.  So, no, we didn’t lay her down in the back of a truck.)  to find poop all over his shirt.  And her shirt.  And pants and legs and feet and everything else that she could possibly touch, including her carseat and OMG!  blankie.  15 minutes, two hundred wipes and a new outfit later, we were off to the Great Shopping Mecca.

Ed. note:  We made a quick sidetrip to the cologne counter to “test” some of the fragrances to see if they matched our pheramones covered the poop smell.

We browsed the shoes in about 5 different stores, not really finding anything that we both liked, when we came upon the HotLights.  We didn’t have a choice once Mere realized that they light up.

“Wow, Mommy, look!”

And so we bought the Sketchers HotLights because what two year old shouldn’t be able to walk around with strobe lights on her feet?

The rest of our afternoon was spent stomping around the Food Court and Carousel so we could watch our feet light up.  Mere forgot about everything else.

Even the walls.  Which jump out at you if you’re not careful and are staring at your strobe-y toes.



3 responses to “Girls’ Night In, Assplosions & HotLights

  1. hahahahahaha-I did have so much fun with all my babies and of course all my friends, yeah that’s it! Love you all! Side note-Ice cream isn’t slippery, Michele is just dangerous with ice cream!

  2. I meant to comment on this when I read it last week, but I was feeding a baby at the time and couldn’t type very good (finger peck with one hand wasn’t going to get it). Anyway, like always, love your blogs! As I read parts to Dana, he said the same thing that Amy did, it is not the ice cream, it is just me and we are all lucky that it wasn’t a knife!!! Fun night, we will have to do it again soon!!

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