Happiness Is…..

Some of the other blogs I read have been hitting on a trend of what happiness is.  So I thought I’d share some of what MY happiness is.


Happiness is a giant bag of Stouffer’s Chocolate Animal Crackers and a 1 lb. tub  of Cool Whip.

Happiness is finding a $20 bill I didn’t know I had.  In the back pocket of my skinny jeans.  That I was able to put on.  And button.

Happiness is a BOGO sale.

Happiness is finding your ex-boyfriend from your college years on Facebook and seeing the pictures of his girlfriend.  Who is fugly.

Happiness is running a cake business and managing to not gain any weight in the process.

Happiness is buying a hot new pair of pumps that don’t make your toes numb when you wear them.

Happiness is a Frappucino.  A vanilla one.

Happiness is riding the Carousel with Mere and seeing her face every time she recognizes her Daddy standing on the sidelines as she whirs past.

Happiness is a size 3T tutu, a headband and a bowl full of chicken nuggets.

Happiness is that stage of babydom right before the mobility kicks in.

Happiness is a second pot of coffee in the morning.

Happiness is a Friday.

Happiness is having your mom with you to watch your kids open their presents from Santa Claus on Christmas Day.

(ahem.  Hint. Hint.)

Happiness is knowing your husband thinks you’re the coolest wife in the world because you love UFC as much as he does.

Happiness is knowing that, through the good and the bad, divorce is not an option.  A promise is a promise.

Happiness is knowing your best friend will always be your best friend.  No matter what.

Happiness is singing at the top of your lungs in the car.  And smiling back at the weird glances at the stoplights.  Then continuing to sing at the top of your lungs.

Happiness is three of your closest friends, window chalk, and a NKOTB concert.



Happiness is knowing what happiness is.


2 responses to “Happiness Is…..

  1. I love it!!! You are too funny and yes that was one of my happy moments too!!!! Window chalk rules!!!!

  2. Mine too, but window chalk doesn’t rule that much! Yall didn’t have to break out the chisel and tap it off the rental!

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