I was totally haunting and wanted a synonym for “Random”, hence “Ergodic”.

So smart, I is.

Blogger’s Block has consumed me and so I have sifted through my library of useless photos and concocted this fine specimin of visual pleasure.

You’re welcome.


August 2009 021

 As we were driving back from lunch one day, we took notice at the license plate on the Chronic Caddy that was trolling along in front of us.  I was waiting for billows of smoke to pour out of The Herb’s windows.


Ft. Benning Chelsey pooped

(Insert Drowning Pool song – Let The Bodies Hit The Floor)

In high school, my sister participated (and rocked!) in Marksmanship.  Before competition, her coach insisted that she sleep.  Anywhere.  So you get to sleep and then shoot at stuff.

I totally missed my calling.


6-18-07 070

 This is my Dad.  Complete with pink shirt, floppy (ladies’) beach hat and banjo.

So, yeah.  There’s that.



 Jen, Michele, Amy & I were graced with Lady GaGa, who opened up for NKOTB at last fall’s concert.  Yes, she really did have that on in true GaGa fashion.  (This was right before she blew up – we were all “WTF is she wearing?”) I was in the fifth row and watched her get ready for her performance off-stage.  She wore a pleather body suit and the skirt was velcroed to her waist.  And she had a sceptor with a giant ball of light on the end.  Apparently, THAT’S what a disco stick is.



July 2009 052

This.  This! was at the Ft. Fisher Aquarium.  I’d just like to point out that this is like a spider times 100.  Again, more legs and eyes than me = spawn of Satan out to get me.  There’s no shoe in this world big enough.  And my daughter was standing right in front of it.  With her nose pressed up to the tank.  I may have briefly hyperventilated until Chris reminded me that there is 3-inch reinforced glass between her and it.  Also, it is quite tasty when steamed and served with melted butter.  Ya got me there.

I won’t touch you nor come near you within a 20-ft. radius, but I will eat your butt.



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