What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Somebody’s pregnant!

And it’s not me!

(Hold on, I’ll be right back.  I just need to go throw a small parade and do the whoopty dance.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd, cue!


‘Member the post about GNI and how we were trying to rub babydom on Amy?  WELL, Nekkids, IT WORKED!

The best part?


That’s right, Folks!  For a small fee, we (The Posse) will force you to hold our children until your ovaries spew multiple eggs, thus allowing vast access to freely flowing tadpoles!

Preferrably from a turkey baster!

I kid.  I kid.

It was an FDA-approved turkey baster!

Translation:  A very expensive turkey baster with a highly-trained mechanical engineer a.k.a. turkey-baster-squeezer!

Whatever works!

And so we (the Posse) will be adding to the brood in mid-summer of oh-ten!  I’m thrilled for Amy and her hubby and can’t wait for her to be on the same sleep cycle as the rest of us!  Cuz I’m tired of being the one to have my bra frozen on Girls’ Night.

I kid. I kid.

But don’t think I won’t freeze your bra the first time you fall asleep before the rest of us.  Bruhahahahaha!

I kid. I kid.

Bras are for pansies.

She can now look forward to swollen ankles, legs, hips, arms, face, ears, etc, etc, etc.  She’s already experiencing a little nausea and aversion to foods and certain smells.  She bought The Book.  You know which book.  The one that serves as the pregnant woman’s bible.  THE BOOK.

Her husband is ecstatic and won’t let her do anything.  Not even vacuum.


For serious, though, this has been a blessing a long time coming.  With many friends that experience fertility issues, it’s awesome to take one off the list.  It will, hopefully, be followed with a few more!

Congrats, Amy!  I love ya!


In other news, my MereBear made her rounds on Saturday and copped some sugar for Mama from lots of our wonderful neighbors!  This little Bumblebee just stung my heart!

Can I get a collective “Awwwww!”

Halloween 2009 071

Check out that stash.  Most of the neighbors let her choose her candy, so Mama didn’t get many chocolate bars.  Nope.  We have a gazillion DumDums and Tootsie Pops.  Thank you, Meredith, for stomping on my hopes and dreams of two glorious weeks of DVRed Grey’s Anatomy while secretly stuffing Snickers while you’re asleep.  *sigh*

Halloween 2009 074

I know, right?!  “Adorable” now comes in reflective beewear!


Madelynn was having nothing of Halloween.  This is the part of her costume I managed to wrestle her into.

Halloween 2009 067

Cuz elephant feet are the shit, yo.

And no, I didn’t don an alterego this year.  I just went with the day to day.

Halloween 2009 066

I’m the QUEEN, bitches!


4 responses to “What To Expect When You’re Expecting

  1. Oh, they’re adorable!! How come you didn’t bring them to my house for treats? 🙂

  2. Short sleeves, capri pants, and sandals on Halloween?!! I thought thermal underwear and down-filled coats were mandatory…….

  3. I am so excited for Amy & Eddie, I can’t wait!! This is when I wish I could make time fly, so we can see the little munchkin(s). I love chubby legs (on kids, not mine) and little feet. Oh pray they don’t have Eddie’s feet! No really, please pray! His feet, well let’s just say that they look like he’s been kicking footballs non-stop since birth.

  4. Yes, please pray!

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