The Twitter Mission – The Twission

You guys?!!!?!  It’s destined to happen, I’m absolutely sure of it.  OK, maybe not absolutely sure, but pretty competently intelligent enough to assume that it could possibly happen.  If that makes sense.  Which it does.  To me.  Shutupthat’sallthatmatters.

So it’s happened twice in the period of, like, a month.  First, Anissa gets a DM (Mama, that’s “Direct Message”.  On Twitter.  Ya know, TWITTER.  C’mon, Mama.  TWITTER!) from Ralph Macchio.  Then Amalah gets a DM from freakin’ LeVar EFFING Burton!  LEVARBURTONPEOPLE!  We’re talking Reading Rainbow, Geordi LaForge LEVAR BURTON!  Am I jealous?  No, never.  OF COURSE I AM!

I am now on the mission of all missions.  I, LizTheWitFactory, do solemnly (solemnly?  no.  elatedly?  ah, yes.) swear that I will give every ounce of my non-obsessive, anti-screaming-girl dedication to persuading the gorgeous and talented and oh-so-normal Jonathan Knight to DM me.  OhyesIwill.

As you can see by that Twitter feed over there —>

the Twission has already begun.  If he actually DMs me, I……..God, I don’t know what.  I might pee a little.  Ya know, in the normal, non-obsessive, anti-screaming-girl kind of way.


P.S. Three posts in one day!  Iknowright?!


2 responses to “The Twitter Mission – The Twission

  1. Hey, I DM’d you two days ago! By voice, no less! But did you pee a little bit? Even a mini micro amount? I’ll bet not!! Don’t I count?!! Gee, my feelings are hurt.

    }:-( (hey, y’all, that’s the MAWM look)

    And, believe it or not, sweetwittyone, I DO know what Twitter is!

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