The age months old question: “Why don’t you email me when you publish a new post?” because many of you want on-the-spot, minute-by-minute coverage of my insanely scattered verbal diarrhea.

And I’m all “Why don’t you just subscribe?”

And then I’m innocently playing around on the blog dashboard and realize that, Oh yeah, I guess I should put up a SUBSCRIBE BUTTON so people can subscribe and, thus, be informed of the minute-by-minute, insanely scattered verbal diarrhea.  That’s a big, fat DUH.

So, in light of my newfound stoopid, I have installed a subscription signer-upper in the right hand column, at the bottom. 

Over there ———>

And maybe down a little.

You’re welcome.


One response to “Subscribe!

  1. I subscribed! Am I your first signer upper? OhIwannabethefirstIwannabethefirstIwannabethefirstIwannabethefirst! AndI’mcomingSouthforChristmasI’mcomingSouthforChristmasI’mcomingSouthforChristmas!

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