‘Twas The Week After Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!  What a holiday!  Such a great holiday, actually, that I didn’t even attempt to find the time to compose a blog post.  So here ya go!  First, though, I’d like to clarify a couple things about my last post that may have some of you scratching your temples and wondering, “Huh?”

  1. I have two moms.  The first, my biological mother, is Mawm.  She is the one with the OCD.  My second mother is my step-mom, Mom.  The one with the messy drawer.  So there’s  Mawm (or Mama) and there’s Mom (just Mom).  I knew if my own Mawm was confused, you must be too.  She couldn’t, for the life of her, remember a vanity with a drawer, let alone one that was *gasp* junky.  Mmmkay?  Good.
  2. There’s no numero 2.  So, yeah.

So Christmas just happened.  And by “happened” I mean” approached in two months of retail-y, chocolate-y, recipe exchange-y, costs a lot-y, tinsel-y, toy-y glory and then disappeared before you could blink 3 times and say “Hallelujah, pass the ham.””

Here’s how it went down at The Wit Factory:

Mawm/Mama successfully crossed the Mason-Dixon line and joined the crazy for the holidays.  This was her first face-to-face meeting with grandbaby #2 and it went sneezingly.  As in she fed the baby (the uber-cute, eat her cheeks with a spoon baby) a bite of her favorite mix of turkey and sweet potatoes just in time to have it ricocheted back toward her by way of forceful air explosion of the mouth.



We enjoyed a variety of edible gifts and drinks and home-cooked somethings that were especially delicious because we didn’t cook them.  My husband did.  Which makes them extra delicious.

But not as extra delicious as these bad boys:

Yes, I took a picture of them.  They were that good.  Chocolate covered dried fruit.

Godsend.  Better than gold and frankincense and myrrh put together.

Dried fruit.

Chocolate covered.



With 2 days left ’til The Big Day it was time to wrap presents.  I was exhausted and whiny and generally afluff when I decided that by the Virtue of the Order of Santa, I MUST wrap gifts NOW.


Or, ya know, take pictures of Mawm while she does.

And this is how much was left when the whining won and we gave up.

In true Virtue of the Order of Santa fashion, we completed all the wrapping a whopping hour before it was time to set the sugarplums to dancin’ and retire to my kerchief and capped husband.

But the job was done and Santa had come and gone in a flash three hours.

The best part?

The next morning, we got to see this face:


Next year that face will be sans Binky.  Mark. my. words.


Everybody enjoyed Christmas morning.  In fact, all the wrapping paper and orange cinnamon rolls and Coconut Cream coffee left us feeling pooped.  All of us.


I successfully made my husband tear up.  I made my Mawm tear up.  I may have shed a droplet or two.  This stuff is expected around the holidays.  I ate more than my share of Honeybaked Ham’s Sugar Glazed Turkey Breast and Smithfield’s Ham and yams and green bean casserole and biscuits and pumpkin pudding pie and chocolate pudding pie and apple crisp pie and chocolate covered dried fruit and assorted chocolates and Coconut Cream coffee.  Oh, and Waldorff Salad.  And cheese and crackers.  And…….

Shut up.


And so we all enjoyed the holiday break.

We played…..

We lounged…….

We played…….

…….and played……

…..and played…..

And loved.

It was a Merry Christmas, indeed.


One response to “‘Twas The Week After Christmas

  1. Waldorff salad? How did I miss that? And how did I miss the person who took the picture of all four of us? Wow, I was more out of it than I realized!! Teehee. Yes, it was a Merry Christmas indeed. I love y’all. It’s currently a balmy 17 degrees with 8 inches of snow here — would you send me some of your toasty 50-degree weather, please?

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