My Feet Are Still Firmly Planted On The Face Of The Planet

Oh look!  It’s you!  Come to see if I’m still alive, have you?

It was questionable but I’m pretty sure I made it throught The Great Flu Pandemic Of The Carter Household 2010.

It was lovely, let me tell you.  I haven’t been that sick since I was a wee bairn tossing cookies into the trash can that my Mama so lovingly placed beside my deathbed.  In fact, not only was I that sick, I was that sick while assuming the position as receiver of the baton that got passed from Mama to me.  We tossed cookies together.  We shared a deathbed, me and that little strawberry blonde of mine.  Who, by the way, holds a whole lot more in her little tummy than one would think possible.

I should point out the fact that little ones always manage to puke red.  On white stuff.

Did I say yet how lovely it was?

So four people and two weeks later, tada!  We’re on the mend and I’m back to Facebooking and blogging.  Mere is back to running laps around the living room and Madelynn is trying to walk (!).  Soon they’ll be racing.  Which isn’t good.  ‘Cause someone’s got to lose that race.  Probably by way of a wall.

Chris got the most humane of the nasty bug.  Lots of icky feelings in his tummy, but no puking.  He likes to keep it classy.

Oh, and speaking of classy!  Guess who decided to celebrate her newfound normalcy (ie: unpuky-ness) by getting drunk for the first time in 3 years and then ANNOUNCING IT BUT NOT REALLY ANNOUNCING IT ON FACEBOOK?

I think it read something like this:

“I could tell you all that I’m drunk right now for the first time in 3 years, but I won’t.  I’ll keep it classy.”

So, yeah.  Thanks for that, Grey Goose and pineapple juice.

I managed to maintain my normalcy (ie: unpuky-ness) through that episode.  I’m still not quite sure how.

So I’m back and feeling invigorated and have been hitting the gym, losing a few pounds and living to tell about it over on Elliptilogues.  I’ll post about it this afternoon.

I promise to post regular funnies for your enjoyment, Jeanine My Millions Of Faithful Readers.  Until tomorrow…..or maybe the next day……


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