A To The C

I know.  I KNOW!

Bad blogger.  Bad, bad blogger.  The kind of blogger that only blogs once a month.


Life has caught up with me lately and it’s all I can do to pick my nose and make sure I put on clean underwear everyday.  As soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning I’m in getup!getup!getup! mode and then diapers are being changed, pants and shirts and socks and shoes are flying around in Twister fashion and !coffee! and didyouletthedogsouttopee?! and don’tforgettotakeyourinsulin! and youhavefiveminutes! and !WHEREISMYCOFFEE?! and then the kids and the husband are off to their respective places of cavorting and employment and all of a sudden I realize my hair looks like I brushed it with an egg beater and my breath smells like hot trash.  And coffee.

And then I shower and dress and put my face on and let the dogs out again and assemble my gym bag (yes!  gym bag!) and make my third cup of coffee and then I’m out like toilet paper when you need it the most.

And then I walk in the office and the server is down or the power is out or some Joe Schmoe has shot himself with a 3 1/2 inch staple for the 3rd time this month.  I’m immediately transformed from Plain Ol’ Liz to Human Resource Manager or Plant Nurse or Psychiatrist Extraordinaire.  Somewhere in the midst of my day, I manage to run 3+ miles and return to the office sweating like a banshee in heat.  And then, before you know it, I’m staring at the minute hand as it long passes the 5 o’clock hour and I still have 2 inches of paperwork on my desk and an uneaten Quaker Chewy Oat Granola Bar with FIBER! and OMEGA-3! and half a cup of cold coffee.

And then?  Home again.  Dinner.  Dishes.  Baths.  Snuggles!  Snuggles!  Snuggles! (Which, by the way, make the whole day worth it.) Noggin.  Kisses.  Hugs.  Bedtime.  Crash.

And so it’s safe to say that a mommy can get pooped every now and again.  And forget to blog.  And it’s also safe to say that a mommy needs to get away every now and again.

What’s a mommy to do?

I know!  How ’bout Mommy and her closest friends pile in the car and head north for, oh, say, 8 hours and check into oh, say, a luxury hotel and go see oh, say, the hottest manband that ever lived for oh, say an entire weekend?


And so we will.  On May 28th.  Atlantic City.  NKOTB.  Hot stuff.  Hot mamas.


A to the C, Baby!

Oh, and uh…….I’ll try to fit in a few blog posts between now and then.


2 responses to “A To The C

  1. Can’t wait!! We are going to have so much fun and yes, we so deserve it!!!

  2. I loved reading about the triumphs of motherhood! Trust me I know how u feel. It helps to have a good man by your side. I am so embarrassed that I didn’t no how old Maddolyn was. It has been a lot longer than I thought since our last conversation. I will keep reading ur blogs and hopefully have time to comment. LOL take care!!!!

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