Blankie(s), Blankie(s), Wherefore Art Thou, Blankie(s)?

Have you met Blankie?  If you’ve ever been graced with the stunning Cute and general Charm that is my little Madelynn, then you have absolutelywithoutadoubt met Blankie.  Or Blankie(s).  We have two.  Why do we have two?  Because Blankie(s) ensures that goodness and mercy shall follow her all the days of her life.  Srsly. It goes everywhere with us.

Before Madelynn was born, my grandma knitted? crocheted? a sweet little white baby blanket with this pretty little swirl and fan pattern.  She made it with the really thin yarn and it was so soft and fluffy and delicate.  I had put it in the hospital bag to bring her home with.  I loved it.

Indeed, the blanket came home with Madelynn from the hospital, cradled her in her sleep, wrapped her in warmth in our arctic home and pacified her need for a lovey.  So much so that at 9 months of age I politely asked Grandma to make another.  It was becoming a Linus-on-laundry-day type thing.

Fast forward 5 months.  Madelynn has a little accident in the middle of the night and her diaper leaks and I’m forced to strip her bed at 4 am with one eye open and a leg asleep.  I could have sworn – would have bet my next paycheck – that I threw Blankie(s) in a pile with the sheet on the floor for a washing first thing when I woke up at a normal time.  I was so sure.

But, alas, I was wrong.

Four days.  FOUR. DAYS. Without Blankie(s).  And, might I add, THERE ARE NO SUBSTITUTES FOR BLANKIE(S)!!  Not even Mommy.  Oh, I am soft and fluffy alright.  But not delicate.  Not primed with Snuggle for a tiny face to be smooshed into me while still being able to breathe.  Not. Blankie(s).


I turned. My house.  Upside down.

Know where it was?

In the laundry hamper.  Where it was supposed to be.  FANCY FINDING YOU HERE!  WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE!

I had to be all stealth and sneak into the hall and toss them in the washing machine before she saw them.  Or else?  A tiny face being smooshed into a pee-tainted blankie(s) while still being able to breathe.  She’d gone four days.  She could go another hour.

I presented her with her fresh, Snuggle-smelling blankie(s) yesterday evening and you would have thought that Heaven and Earth collided to form a knitted? crocheted? piece of Happy greater than any macaroni noodle or Yo Gabba Gabba episode or even Mommy.  Srsly.

And last night?  Best. Sleep. Ever.  Or, ya know, in at least four days.


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