Idiosyncracies Revealed

I’ve been analyzing myself lately.  Mainly for the purpose of self-improvement.  Not sweating the little stuff.  Grace in small things.

And in the process of analyzing, I’ve noticed some idiosyncracies about myself that I never paid attention to before.  So, for your entertainment, I give you my quirks.  In bullet form!  (Disclaimer:  I can be gross.  Really gross.)

  •  I have to wash my body in a certain order: Face, hair, torso, legs, feet, lady parts.
  • When eating ice cream, I will dig a hole from the surface to the bottom of the tub.  If I see, say, a big honkin’ chunk of Oreo in my Cookies N’ Cream, I will dig that puppy out.  Which will reveal another big honkin’ chunk beneath it that I will also dig out.  This will continue until I see cardboard.
  • I blow my nose in the shower.  Into my hand.  And then rinse it off.
  • What?
  • I always smile at myself in the mirror after brushing my teeth.  Every time, without fail.
  • I do funny things with my mouth when I’m writing.  I distinctly remember pointing out this very same quirk to my mama as she signed a permission slip for me in junior high.
  • I can’t look in the mirror when putting earrings in.  I have to look away.
  • I always sit with one leg folded beneath me.
  • If something falls towards my windshield while I’m driving (ie; a leaf, butterfly, bird), I will duck as if it will smack me in the face with the force of a shovel.
  • I am wholeheartedly convinced that everything tastes better with cheese.
  • When standing at a counter, I will almost always stand on one foot with the other tucked behind my ankle.  Mama does this, too.
  • I always write in capital letters.  I rarely write in cursive.  I also proofread everything I write, no matter what it is, at least twice.
  • I use the word “hussy” almost daily.  It’s my favorite word.
  • I cry about everything.  I’m a crier.  A crybaby.  A sap.  Just admitting it makes me want to cry.
  • I hate wearing shoes.  They fly off my feet within one step of the threshold of my house.  If I even bothered to wear them out.  Oddly enough, I love wearing heels in public.
  • I open the fridge every time I enter my kitchen.  I may be going for a simple glass of water, but I’ll open the fridge and stare for a moment and never take anything out of it.  Then I’ll close it and go about my merry way.
  • I finally grew my hair out as an adult after keeping it short as a kid and, though I can’t stand the thought of cutting it short again, I hate wearing it down for more than a couple hours.  By lunch every day, it’s in a loose bun on top of my head.
  • Dog saliva grosses me out.
  • Spiders make me want to cry and tremble and run for Chris or Mama to have them KILL IT.  KILL IT NOW.
  • I love to sing.  I hear I’m good at it.  And although I’ve sang in front of auditoriums and churches full of people, I’ve developed an extreme case of stage fright in my adult years.
  • My favorite thing to do when I’m cleaning the house is chase my dog with the vacuum cleaner.
  • I love the way horses smell.
  • I love the way blue ’68 Camaros sound.  And yes, it has to be blue.
  • When spitting gum out the window of my car, I always try to clear the ditch.
  • When decorating cakes, I don’t like anyone in the room with me.  It makes me anxious.
  • The milk has to go on the top shelf.  That’s where it goes.  Nowhere else.
  • There is NO TALKING during Grey’s Anatomy.  You must wait for the commercial.  I don’t care if your hair is on fire.
  • The toilet paper has to roll toward me, not away.
  • My pen of choice is a Pentel R.S.V.P., black, fine tip.
  • Black licorice makes me want to gag.

These are just a few of the things that make me so darn lovable.  What are some of your quirks?  Give me something juicy.  Something to make me feel better about blowing my nose in the shower.


One response to “Idiosyncracies Revealed

  1. so……..most of those…and I mean MOST of those….I’m the EXACT same way!!! We are too much alike! No wonder Ron loves us both!!!! haha

    miss you hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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