And Now For The Peeves

I keep trying to remind myself that there is Grace in small things.  Grace in small things.  Grace in small things.  I’m feeling sort of high-strung lately, though, and it seems that I’ve been increasingly irritated.  And yes, I’ll admit that it has been because of some of the small things in my life. 

Small Thing #1

This look usually coincides with some sort of UFC move, soggy underpants or the water hose.

Small Thing #2

“I wonder if I can flood the entire bathroom with this here bucket.”

And then there are the grown-ups.  The ones that drive wrong, speak wrong, breathe wrong.

And so I have made a mental list of peeves that have introduced themselves as of late.  And here we go with the bullets!

  • People who call to ask for a phone number and as you start to call it out to them they say, “Hold on.  Lemme get a pen.”
  • People who pull out in front of you as if the Running Of The Bulls is trailing your back bumper.  And there’s no one behind you.
  • People who try to send a fax to your telephone.  For the 37th time.  In the last 10 minutes.
  • The local vending service providers that remove the ice cream vending machine at work and leave the machine that serves you 3 oz. of coffee without the cup.
  • The lady in front of you in the drive-thru who has decided to place 6 different orders for herself and her co-workers and pay for each one separately, including counting out the last one in nickels and pennies.
  • Amber on Teen Mom.
  • Credit card companies that think 19.99% interest rates are “competitive.”
  • Greeting card companies that harrass certain HR Managers to buy Christmas cards.  In August.  And again in September.  And again in October.  If my calculations are correct, I should be receiving November’s call in just under three weeks.
  • 1-ply toilet paper.
  • Saran wrap.
  • Facebook friends who find it appropriate to constantly update their status on how depressed they are, what they and their spouse are fighting about this time or what they’ve had for dinner every night for the last month.
  • Facebook friends who do nothing but pile your feed full of Farmville, Farmville and Farmville.
  • Coworkers that steal your cheese out of the office fridge when it CLEARLY has your name written on it in BOLD, BLACK SHARPIE.  Don’t. Touch. The cheese.
  • UPS men who keep you waiting all. day. long. only to arrive as you doze off 10 minutes into your nap.
  • Writing on your blog and having an average of less than one comment per post.
  • Passive-aggressiveness.  :0)

4 responses to “And Now For The Peeves

  1. Okay! Okay! I read your posts: I empathize with your posts; I love your posts: I long for more posts!!! Seriously, Elizabeth, you write very well. I am extremely proud of my one and only neice.

  2. Don’t throw those pet peeves at me!!!!! 🙂 I totally agree….I just don’t have the small frustrations….well…maybe the kitty now and then….but most of your’s are mine….SO ANNOYING!

  3. Honey, I feel your pain! I don’t do facebook because so many people flood me with this game or that game. And I try very hard to keep my marital problems of the Internet lolol. Just know that I am reading and I adore you doll! Am so proud of the cakes you are making and those gorgeous girls you and Chris are raising. Good on ya girl!

  4. Farmville? What’s Farmville on FB? Hmmmm I don’t know what that is? Wasn’t me! 🙂

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