Happy Oh Leven!

Happy New Year!

I thought about doing another Rezolewshun post, but I’ve only made one this year and it will be my main focus and that’s SURPRISE SURPRISE to lose weight.  I made an Ahoy Skinny Bitches Here I Come! effort last year and made progress and then.  Well, I dunno.  I just got fat again.

I’d give you the whole “this time is different” jargon, but I’ll spare you and just let you know that I don’t think harping on it/blogging about it/tracking it on 50 Million Pound Challenge and SparkPeople and then linking it here is the right “program” for me.  I’ve just made the decision that I’mgoingtodoitdamnit and that’s that.  So.  (Elliptilogues was short-lived and I may or may not update it this year.  We shall see.)  (I’m keeping The Before Picture, though.  It’s still pretty current and accurate.  Heh.)

We had a nice little Christmas, though it was sans Mawm and any Christmas sans Mawm could always be better.  But, we did have fun!  And cookies!  And cake!  And pie!


And toys!  And toys!  And toys!


And tutus.  Nothing beats tutus.

We dealt with The Crud, of course, because no Holiday Break is complete without a 4-week cold that spreads through the family and makes you pray for The Rapture to just come already.

I have to admit, I was a bit Scrooge-y this year.  I didn’t like it.  Being Scrooge-y, that is.  I guess by the time I was “ready” for Christmas, I was actually ready for it to be over.

And a nap.

But here’s to an awesome Oh Leven with more pictures, smaller jeans, and a 6-month lead time on Christmas.  And maybe some wine.


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