My Summer Reading List. Also, Cheese Problems Are Expensive.

Because everyone else is doing it, please let me share with you my summer reading list:

Category:  Children’s Books

 Go The F**k To Sleep

(Do you ever feel so connected to a book that you just know it was written specifically for you?)

Category:  Religion

Nostradamus Ate My Hamster

followed promptly by

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Of The Apocolypse

(By the way, according to my calculations, the Chocolypse is scheduled for February 30th.  I hope you’re ready.)

Category:  Medical

The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide To Eccentric and Discredited Diseases

(Thank God it’s a pocket guide.  Quick reference is always best in the face of eccentricity.)

Category: Inspirational/Self-Help

What’s Your Poo Telling You?

(I think the REAL question here is:  are you listening?)

Cheese Problems Solved

(This gem will only set you back a cool $199.08.  A small price to pay to figure out how to get those holes out of your Swiss, eh?)

How To Shit In The Woods

(The Second Edition.  Revised.)

And, finally

Category:  Gardening

The Humanure Handbook

(Apparently, your poo is telling you that your tomatoes are lacking.)

Must-haves, I know!  I’m totally up for a book club so we can discuss.


One response to “My Summer Reading List. Also, Cheese Problems Are Expensive.

  1. That Go To Sleep book made me laugh for about an hour. 😉

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