I’ve made the executive decision that since my readers RARELY COMMENT, IF EVER I’m going to find out about y’all on my own!  I’ve composed five polls, all with important and life-affirming subjects.  This will help me to get a better feel for what kind of people find me interesting enough to keep reading.  Just remember, high tech research and development went into these polls.  I expect you all to take them VERY SERIOUSLY.

Thank you for your time and attention!  I’LL BE JUDGING YOU.

One response to “Question….

  1. I think I love you just a little bit more right now lolol. I’d totally comment more often but the dang website likes to make my email address this epic battle of auto-correct with my iPad. It’s not fun. Do not want. Lol

    Miss you guys a lot, Lizzie.

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